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Click here to view or download the current newsletter. For back issues, see below.

The KASS Newsletter is published twice a year in mid-May and mid-November. The current Newsletter is dated May 2024 and it is the 81st edition.

KASS is always looking for new items for the newsletter from its members: any features are welcome; stories of Scotland, holiday diaries, funny stories and jokes, poems, tips on dancing, quizzes, words of wisdom. Also please send any items of news about your society: recent dances, celebrations and news of your members.

Please email contributions to the Newsletter Editor.

Past Newsletters

Many of the past Newsletters are available and they give a fascinating insight on how KASS and the member clubs have developed over the years. We have copies of most of the old newsletters. Copies are available to members on application to the KASS Secretary. For hard copy newsletters there is a fee of £1.00 per issue.

If you have hard copies of any of the missing Newsletters, the Newsletter Editor would appreciate a copy and we could add it to our archives.