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The KASS diary gives details of events organised by KASS itself and by its member societies. However, at present it does not generally include member societies' regular club nights: for these see the individual society's own pages.

Clicking on an entry in the diary below will pop up brief details of the event. Clicking on "more details" in the pop-up will do what it says, and include a clickable link to the page of the relevant club.

In addition to the diary as presented below, it is available in a full-width version (opens in a new tab) and a tabular PDF version suitable for printing.


For most events in the Diary, dancers and spectators can just turn up and pay at the door or during the session. For some events, however, indicated by a red 'T' in the PDF version of the diary, it is necessary to reserve places in advance. For information on how to do that, refer to the details of the event in question.

Your Club's Events

To add or amend Diary entries for your club's events, please contact the KASS Secretary in the first instance. In choosing dates for your events, please avoid dates already in use by another club.

If your club likes to use a particular calendar slot each year, please request the relevant diary entries 2 years in advance; details of the event can follow later.

Diary Events on your Smartphone?

Would you like to have events from the KASS diary automatically added to the calendar on your smartphone or tablet?

Details of how to set this up, for Android and Apple devices, are provided here.