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Update 21st May 2021

Diary Update

I have received an update for diary which you will find here. As I asked in the last update Isle of Thanet have let us know their dance in June is off. The diary is updated with this information.
Thank you Jenny.
Last weekend we saw our grandchildren for the first time in 9 months. Yesterday we got a message that one of them had a cough and had tested positive. We chased around to get a PCR test in case we were carrying the virus and warned our contacts. We were negative, and everyone can rest easy, but imagine the issues if we had just been to a dance and tested positive in the next day or two!

Please let Nigel know if your event is definitely on or off so that the diary can give accurate information to those using it.
At present there is no certainty about when dancing will be permitted and when clubs will start meeting again. I know I am not as fit as I was and any dancing will be a physical and mental challenge for me and many others.
Please do not assume events scheduled will happen because the Diary does not say they are cancelled.

There have not been any KASS Committee meetings this year and we are indebted to the officers for continuing in their roles beyond their normal or planned period of service.

KASS Newsletter 75 - May 2021
is now available here.

The Newsletter archive is no longer available on line. If you want a copy of an old newsletter please ask the secretary.

Wanted - KASS Events Co-ordinator(s)

After serving KASS for 10 years Jane and Helen stepped down as Events coordinators at the AGM in 2019. If KASS events are to continue in 2021 and beyond new coordinators or a new coordinator must take on this role.
If you can help please contact the secretary here.

At the 2019 AGM, the KASS treasurer Frances also stepped down and was replaced by Rhiannon.

At the next AGM there are likely to be further changes. Nigel the long serving Secretary, and Brian the Website manager have both expressed an intention to step down.
If you can help with either of these roles please contact the secretary here.

Reducing Clashing Dates for Events

Please help everyone avoid arranging events on the dates you regularly use by by adding your dates to the KASS calendar 2 years in advance - Details can follow later.

K.A.S.S. is an association of Seventeen Scottish / Caledonian societies many of which are Scottish country dance groups.

The map indicates where the clubs and societies are located in Kent. Map of Kent

KASS Events 2021

At the present time there are no KASS events planned for 2021.

KASS Diary

The KASS Diary gives information about events arranged by member groups


See details.

Picture Gallery

The picture gallery contains images taken at the 2011 Diamond Jubilee Ball and many other KASS events.

Cutting the cake 2011

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Dance Demonstrations and Pipers

Some clubs and individuals are willing to provide Scottish Dance and Music demonstrations within their locality.

Dance demonstration bromley arts festival

See details.

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